If all you really want for Christmas is clearer skin, we have a present for you: 7 Steps to get clearer skin!

Get clearer skin

It’s important to know that despite all the hype, there are no overnight, miracle cures for acne. If you want to have clearer skin in the future, it takes time – likely a few months – to bring acne under control.

That’s not that long considering people suffer from acne for an average of two years…

7 Steps to get clearer skin

1. To start, get an idea of the type of acne you have – Mild, Moderate or Severe.

2. If you have mild acne, see How do I treat mild acne?

3. No matter what type of acne you have, practice good skin care to keep your skin healthy and deal with dryness and irritation that are common side effects of acne treatment.

4. Be patient & Realistic – Check out answers to 2 Big Questions: When will I see results & How much improvement to expect?


5. Should you see a doctor about your acne? If you answer Yes to ONE question on Checklist – When to see a doctor, make the call.

6. If you have moderate acne, see How do I treat moderate acne? Virtually every case of acne can be successfully treated. Medical treatment aims to bring acne under control and prevent the development of new spots so you can have clearer skin in the near future.

7. If you have severe acne, see How do I treat severe acne?