People with acne are often concerned about skin care products. The ingredients in some of these products can cause break outs or exacerbate acne.  The issue of suitable skin care products can be complicated as there are a number of ingredients that may make acne worse.

Recommended Seal Acne Skin Car“Recommended” Seal for Acne Skin Care Products:

 The Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada, led by dermatologists and clinicians with a special interest in acne and rosacea, has created an evidence-based “Recommended” Seal Program for acne skin care products.


Products undergo independent scientific review by dermatologists for acnegenic and comedogenic ingredients. Acnegenic ingredients cause acne or make it worse. Comedogenic ingredients clog skin pores and may lead to the development of acne spots.

Recommended Seal statement: “This product meets the criteria of the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada’s Recommended Seal for Acne Skin Care Products Program and has been shown to be suitable for acne-prone skin when used as directed.”

Recommended Seal Disclaimer Statement: All products have risks and potential side effects. Consumers are reminded to read and follow the instructions and consult with their healthcare provider if they have concerns or if their skin is worsening. The Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada’s Recommended Seal does not constitute medical advice and relies upon available scientific evidence at the time of issuing the Recommended Seal.



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