Is your acne making you more frustrated by the day? There is good news to share. Imagine yourself a few months from now with clearer skin. That’s what acne treatment can do – in time.

There are many effective, safe acne treatments ranging from over-the-counter choices to prescription medications depending on acne severity. Virtually every case of acne can be successfully treated. But you play a big role in getting clearer skin.

Watch out for these 3 common obstacles that could stop you from getting acne under control.

# 1. Unrealistic expectations. There are no overnight cures for acne. Some products may help to heal today’s spots, but the #1 goal of acne treatment is to control acne in order to prevent new spots from developing in the future.

It takes time for treatments to work on the root causes of acne: to kill bacteria, re-balance hormones, normalize the excess shedding of skin cells or lessen the amount of oil produced in the skin. See below – When will I see results? And check out how much improvement can you expect to see. Be patient – it will be worth it!


#2. Side effects: Not dealing with the side effects of most acne treatments – dry, red, irritated skin – may derail your treatment plan. Moisturizing, being gentle with your skin and cleansing only twice a day are some good ideas. See more on skincare here.

#3. Use of prescription treatments: As many as 17 studies show correct use of acne medications is strongly linked to improved effectiveness. Topical treatments (applied to the skin) in particular should be used as directed.