blog-3If you have ever felt your acne gets worse with stress, you are probably right.

Stressful situations trigger the release of hormones including androgens which affect the oil glands and other chemicals that cause inflammation (redness) and make acne worse.

• Results of a study of acne patients who did relaxation training and stress reduction techniques showed they had an improvement in the severity of the condition while doing this.
• Acne has been shown to become more severe in stressful situations, such as during examination periods.
• When stressed, people are more likely to play with and pick at acne.

Having acne also causes stress due to the physical and emotional effects of this condition. Stress and acne may become a vicious circle.

What can you do: Find out ways to reduce stress in your life. Problem solve. Get regular exercise and find out about relaxation techniques. These measures will likely help your acne to a certain degree as well.