Our dermatologists’ #1 Tip on skin care for acne-prone skin is simply ‘be gentle’. Here’s why:

shutterstock_55577629Driven by the myth that acne is caused by dirt – or determined to quickly unclog the pores and get rid of excess oil – some use harsh cleansers, scrub the skin and wash too often. The result is dry, red, irritated skin and sometimes a worsening of acne. The reason?

The skin is a protective barrier. The outer layer of our skin forms a natural barrier that keeps out bacteria and dirt and retains moisture. This protective band of skin is made up of fatty substances called lipids which keep the skin moisturized, and skin cells.


*Lipids can be easily removed by soaps or strong cleansers, scrubbing and over-washing.

Stripping the outer layer of skin of lipids weakens this protective barrier. The skin’s immune system is triggered in response to this ‘attack’, causing redness and irritation.

Practice good skincare by treating your skin gently, using mild cleansers and washing twice a day only.

This will help to maintain the skin’s barrier and improve the appearance and health of your skin.