Severe Acne

Girl's forehead with severe acne

A lot of redness on the face with numerous, red papules and pustules (“pimples”) and swollen, painful, fluid-filled cysts and / or large, hard lumps (nodules) lodged deep in the skin.

Often other areas such as the chest and back are also affected. Acne scars are usually visible also.  In people with a darker skin colour, dark marks are usually seen too.

Often called ‘inflammatory acne’, this can be painful or tender.

About severe acne

Less than 5 % of young people get severe acne.

This serious form of acne can leave scars and dark marks.

Acne may get worse as teens get older.

Male teens tend to get more severe acne.

Medical help from your family doctor or a dermatologist should be sought to bring the condition under control and limit the risk of scarring or the development of dark marks. For information on treatments, see How do I treat severe acne

***Note: There are many conditions that look like acne. If you are not sure if you have acne, see your physician or dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis.

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