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Does what we eat or do cause acne, trigger flare ups or make this condition worse?

Research shows processes that happen within the body – mainly fluctuating hormone levels – are the main cause of acne.

Acne is also an inherited condition strongly determined by our genes. Severe acne in particular tends to run in families.

There is little evidence that what we eat or do affects acne. Squeezing and picking spots is the only action known to make acne worse (and make it last longer).

Lifestyle factors, such as a high glycemic index (GI) diet may be involved in triggering acne outbreaks or making it worse for some people but this has not been shown in everyone.

Top 3 Lifestyle Tips:

1. If anything you eat or drink triggers acne, avoid these items.
2. Eating a healthy, balanced diet, exercising regularly and dealing with stress is the best lifestyle advice acne sufferers can follow.
3. Don’t pick or squeeze acne spots. This can make acne worse and increases the risk of permanent scarring.

Other Lifestyle Factors that can have an Effect

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