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Canadian experts here to help Canadians 

The Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada, a national, not for profit organization led by Canadian dermatologists, offers hope and help to sufferers by providing independent, reputable and current information on these conditions and raising awareness.

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What’s the problem?

• Despite being a common condition, it is hard for Canadians to find accurate, relevant and up-to-date information.

• There are many myths and misconceptions about acne such as “you just have to get through it” or “nothing can be done about it”.

• Since acne appears on the face in most people and affects appearance, there can be significant emotional distress in addition to the visible signs. There may also be permanent skin damage such as scarring.

The good news is:

How we can help

Our role is to provide independent, reputable information to Canadians and raise awareness. We believe knowledge and understanding of acne will lead to action and improvement.  

Acne sufferers are encouraged to get the facts, take action and get acne under control! 

Our Mission:

The Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada will improve the lives of Canadians suffering from these conditions by raising awareness and providing independent, reputable information.

Our Vision:

A future where, through awareness, education and treatment, the negative psychological and physical impacts of acne and rosacea will be reduced.

Healthcare providers

The society is reaching out to medical and healthcare providers – family physicians, pharmacists, nurses – to join this educational effort.

Code of ethics:

Our code of ethics helps to preserve our independence.

  1. No advertising. The society does not allow advertising on any of its educational materials including websites, brochures, posters, advertisements etc.
  2. No single sponsor. We seek a variety of corporate sponsors to support the society and will not allow one organization to fund our activities.

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