When to See A Doctor

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If you answer YES to any of these questions, it’s time to seek medical help to get acne better:

  •  Your acne is making you feel embarrassed, anxious, self-conscious, angry or depressed.
  •  Your acne is getting worse.
  •  Scars or dark marks are developing with your acne.
  •  You have a family history of moderate-severe acne and your acne is getting worse.
  •  There is no improvement in your acne after 6 – 8 weeks of over the counter products treatment.
  •  You can’t tolerate over the counter acne treatments or have had side effects.
  •  For females, your periods are irregular, there is increased body hair growth, and your acne is getting worse.
  •  There are large, red, painful nodules or cysts under the skin.
  •  You have extensive acne on the face, and possibly the trunk.

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