Acne Symptoms

Acne usually appears as a combination of some of these: (All images courtesy Dr. Jerry Tan)

Blackheads on cheek


Open Comedones

Skin pores clogged with oil (sebum) and dead skin cells and topped by small black dots. The pore remains partially open at the surface.

Whiteheads up close


Closed comedones

Skin pores blocked with oil (sebum) and dead skin cells. The pore is closed over at the surface. A pale white centre can be seen.

Pimple up close



Plugged, swollen skin pores circled by redness and filled with pus. The spots may feel tender.

Up close pimple


Blocked skin pores with small, red, hard bumps. The spots may feel sore or sometimes rough like sandpaper.

cystic acne up close


Boil-like, red, swollen, painful, large pus-filled sacs extending deep into the skin. Some are large.

acne nodule up close


Large, often painful, solid, red bumps deep in the skin.

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