Types of Acne Scars

Type #1: Depressed or atrophic acne scars. About 80 to 90% of people with acne scars have this type. During the skin’s healing process, too little collagen is deposited to fill up the holes, leaving indents.

Acne scars up close

There are 3 kinds of depressed scars. Sometimes people have all 3 forms of atrophic scars. (Images courtesy Dr. Jerry Tan and Dr. Ben Barankin)

Acne scar diagram

Depressed scars:
• Ice-pick: narrow, deep and V-shaped.
• Boxcar: a wide, round or oval opening at the surface with a box–shaped hollow into the skin. These can be deep or shallow.
• Rolling: the widest scars with a rippled, layered look.

Raised acne scars

Type #2– Raised or hypertrophic: These less common acne scars occur as a result of ‘over-healing’ as too much collagen is deposited during the healing process.

Some features of these scars:

Keloids on skin

Type #3 Keloids
These are uncommon, reddish-purple, large acne scars. Keloids develop as a result of an excessive healing process that is likely inherited. These scars may grow and can be disfiguring.

Some features of keloids:
• More common in darker skin types.
• Mainly appear along the jawline, neck, chest, shoulders, and upper back.
• More likely in people under the age of 30
• Feel rubbery
• Extend beyond the original scar site
• May itch and hurt

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