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Position Statement: Benzene in BPO containing products

This a joint position statement by the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada and the Canadian Dermatology Association: Benzoyl peroxide (BPO) has been […]

Dermatologists share impact of acne on patients’ lives

It is a common question doctors ask acne patients – “How is your life being affected?”  It’s a way of revealing the very […]

Alberta nurse relates 20-year struggle with acne

Brittany McKertcher, (32), a nurse in Alberta has had a 20-year struggle with acne and continues to experience the condition.      “It’s still […]

Ottawa teen with acne shares hopeful message

Don’t be discouraged! That’s the hopeful message from 19-year-old Ella Gilbert of Ottawa, who has struggled with serious acne for many years. Ella […]

New Acne Treatments on the way for Canadians.

The first new prescription acne drugs in almost a decade have just been approved or are on the way for Canadians.

How long does it take for a pimple to develop?

This would be a good game show question because the answer is tricky…

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