Researchers have been investigating possible links between diet and acne for many years.

Western diet: Native people in Papua New Guinea and Paraguay do not get acne. Their diet consists of low glycemic index (GI) foods and no dairy. The “Western diet” – high GI carbs, dairy, fat and sugar – has been seen as a possible culprit for acne outbreaks or increased severity. However, to date, there is no reliable evidence that anything we eat affects this condition.

However, consuming some foods may cause flare-ups and make acne worse in certain people and so should be avoided.

• One study showed men on a low glycemic index (GI) diet had fewer acne spots after 12 weeks compared to a group that ate lots of carb foods.


Q & A What is the glycemic index?
The glycemic index (GI), a numerical value, reflects the impact of a food on blood sugar levels.
• High glycemic index (GI) foods raise blood sugar levels quickly and have been implicated in the development of diabetes and heart disease. These foods include white bread, flour and potatoes.
• Low glycemic index foods raise blood sugar levels more slowly. These include uncooked apples, peas, skimmed milk and kidney beans.


Foods: Some foods have long been said to cause acne or outbreaks.

Here’s the facts:

shutterstock_102488759-682x1024 aDairy
Evidence linking acne and dairy foods is weak.
• A study of 6,000 females between 9 and 15 years old found some links between those who had acne and drank milk.
• A similar study of boys found little to no association…

The belief that chocolate causes acne is a myth. There is a lack of evidence to prove this. Experts say large scale studies are needed to investigate what, if any, role chocolate may have…