Research shows acne can result in significant emotional distress ranging from bad moods and embarrassment to anxiety and even depression. Here’s why…shutterstock_189353759


  • usually appears on the face and affects appearance and self-image.
  • generally occurs during the teenage years just as young people become more aware of their bodies and sexuality.
  • is a highly personal, upsetting and embarrassing topic for those suffering from it. It is hard to talk about and often off-limits. Some acne sufferers tell concerned family and friends the condition is “no big deal”, hiding the real impact on their lives and going through it alone.

Types: Acne can result in various forms of emotional distress, some of which may seriously affect lives. Acne is associated with:

  •  bad moods ; anxiety ; anger ; poor self-image ; loneliness ; self-consciousness ; shame ; low self-esteem ; depression; pain ; anxiety in social situations ; a feeling of overall poor health ; unhappiness with appearance

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