5 Steps to Help with Acne

If acne is getting you down or affecting your everyday life, there are steps you can take to gain control of this condition and feel better.

5 Steps to help with acne

# 1 Treatment. Self treat with over-the-counter preparations if you have mild acne (How to treat mild acne). Seek help from your family doctor or dermatologist for moderate (How to treat moderate acne) and severe (How to treat severe acne) acne.  Treatment will improve your skin AND your outlook. Unsure if you need medical help? See Checklist – When to see a doctor? If you are interested in Home Remedies for Acne, see this list of what works (Hint – green tea, tea tree oil are promising).

# 2 Support. Enlist the support of family and close friends. Let them know how acne is affecting you and how they can help.

# 3 Camouflage. Find out how to hide acne by applying cover-up. While women are typically most comfortable with this, men can do this as well but often don’t consider it an option.

# 4 Lifestyle – Skincare and Diet. Follow a good skincare routine to maintain healthy skin and get the best results from treatment. See the latest research on Acne and Diet including the Western Diet and high Glycemic Index carbs. Find out and limit foods that cause you to break out.

# 5 Activities, social life. Be active. Research shows exercise promotes a positive attitude and feeling of well-being.  Be social. Make an effort to visit with friends and attend social events.

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